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Visual Design Compilation 

The Collection: Various projects in graphic, visual, and UX design from over the years
The Program:
SMU Masters of Arts in Design and Innovation & Personal Interest Projects
The Timeline: 2016 - Present

Over my time in my design program and in my personal pursuits I have been able to complete a handful of visual design projects. My program stressed the use of communicating through visual work, whether to a user, teammate, or client. Some of this has been done as a part of a team, some just solo. Visual design should show itself through the body of my work in printed materials, web designs, prototypes, and branding, but I will call out a few projects here not discussed elsewhere on this site.

Personal Brand
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For a long time I have thought about what it means to be me and how I could express that visually. I have been inspired by many frameworks in my design experience and have come across Venn diagrams as ways of explaining the intersection between different fields/interests/groups. I realized this could be a great way to communicate what I think it takes to be a real innovator and how I see myself. Check out all my thoughts on the philosophy page!

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Over the course of a day I was able to create iconography, a color palette, thoughtful copy, and a variety of background patterns to use throughout my site and elsewhere. I started with pen, marker, and paper (my preferred initial medium) to sketch out ideas and then moved into Illustrator for further experimentation and final production. I love the ease that analog tools give the designer to think creatively without the distractions of other emails popping up or other work to be done on screen, but love the speed at which one can tweak artwork quickly in digital tools like Illustrator. I think any designer worth his or her salt would be remiss to not take advantage of both of these tools!

Design Manifesto
Manifesto Poster
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Selected Works

RefillWise Price Transparency ToolUX Research | HCD | App Development

Where's My Card?UX Design | App Development | Digital Marketing

Dell IoT ApplicationApp Development

Credera Management ConsoleUX Design | App Development

Accenture Innovation StrategyDesign Strategy | UX Research

SPCA Loose Dog ProjectUX Research | Human Centered Design

Titania LampIndustrial Design

Caleb T Kyle
Dallas, TX
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