Dog Biting Bone

SPCA Loose Dog Project 

The Ask: Dangerous dogs roaming the street are a part of life for those who live in southern Dallas. How might we improve pet ownership for the residents in this part of the city who often go without the help and resources they need?
The Outcome: A set of strategic recommendations and guiding principles for improving the loose dog issue through the support of those in the community who are already creating their own localized solutions to the problem at hand
The Client: SPCA and Communities Foundation of Texas 
The Class:
 Design Studio
The Program:
SMU Masters of Arts in Design and Innovation 
The Timeline: January - May '18

This semester, we partnered with the SPCA of Texas and the Communities Foundation of Texas to help improve pet ownership in southern Dallas (specifically assigned 75216). There is a long history of loose, stray, and feral dogs roaming the streets of southern Dallas. These dogs can become aggressive toward people and other dogs, and are feared by the people living in these areas. Violent attacks are widely known, and people are forced to live with the reality that they could become a victim. Despite recent efforts to mitigate the issue, dog attacks are still occurring and residents still live with a habitual fear of dangerous dogs. Over the 14 week project we sought to design a solution that affects real change in this area and truly improves pet ownership in southern Dallas.

We started with a short phase of secondary research, spent weeks performing in-the-field primary design research, and eventually synthesized the data down to present major research findings at the midpoint of the project. In the second phase we built on our research findings to draft potential prototype ideas, and then took those ideas out into the field to test and refine. Throughout this whole process we maintained an empathetic focus, treating the residents of southern Dallas as collaborators and co-designers in finding the right solution. Through our research and iterative prototyping, we were able to communicate powerful, actionable learnings to our partners that we believe can impact the problem at hand.

The Outcome

Read our final report to learn all about our process, finidngs, and strategic recommendations delivered to the SPCA and Communities Foundation.

Selected Works

RefillWise Price Transparency ToolUX Research | HCD | App Development

Where's My Card?UX Design | App Development | Digital Marketing

Dell IoT ApplicationApp Development

Credera Management ConsoleUX Design | App Development

Accenture Innovation StrategyDesign Strategy | UX Research

SPCA Loose Dog ProjectUX Research | Human Centered Design

Titania LampIndustrial Design

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